Degree(s): BM, Music Education and minor in Jazz Studies - Michigan State University, MA Arts Administration - Columbia University

Current Employment/Employer(s): Dublin High School - Dublin, CA
Former Employment/Employer(s): NYC All-City Marching Band, Midwood High School, Brooklyn, freelance musician - NYC, Carnegie Hall - National Youth Orchestra Resident Assistant, Freelance private woodwinds instructor, Middle School Band Director - Fort Worth, TX

Current and/or Former Creative Projects/Performance Opportunities: Funkrust Brass Band, Brooklyn Wind Symphony, Chelsea Symphony, DuPre Saxophone Quartet, Le Train Bleu Chamber Ensemble, Lone Star Wind Orchestra, numerous wind band recording projects (Music of Michael Markowski, Teaching Music Through Performance in Band - 4 editions, Converging Cultures/A Taste of Americana - both Lone Star Wind Orchestra)

Advice for Current Students: Don't underestimate how much financial stability can impact your life. Understanding money and having a long term financial plan will allow you more freedom to make choices based on your ideal artistic endeavors. Only teach if you want to be doing it! Don't use it as a fallback plan. Be open to the surprising opportunities that life will throw your way. The ability to make music with others is a gift. Try to find joy in every opportunity you have to play. GOOD LUCK!

Anything else you want to add regarding your current life? Carrie, thank you for everything you did to light my fire!!! I'm so lucky to have studied with you. You influenced me more than you'll ever know.