Degree(s): DMA Saxophone Performance, The Hartt School, 2016
MA Music Theory, Connecticut College, 2007
MM Saxophone Performance, Louisiana State University, 2001
BME, Michigan State University, 1998

Current Employment: United States Coast Guard Band, Senior Chief Musician (E-8). I’ve been a member of this organization since 2000.

Teaching: Connecticut College since 2013; Eastern Connecticut State University since 2017; Private lessons through Thames Valley Music School off and on for 17 years

Former Employment: Adjunct at Hartt Fall 2013; Adjunct at Central Connecticut from 2005-2011 (sabbatical replacement in 2011); Portland H.S. and M.S., Portland MI. I taught band for one year in 1998-1999. I was pretty awful at this, but it was one of the most important jobs I ever had. I learned so much about 
myself and my own musicianship by teaching it to others. Disney All-American Orchestra at Epcot Center. Doubled on clarinet and flute for daily shows 
(1997). My first professional music experience.

Advice for Current Students: You have to find a practice routine that pushes you musically but also engages you intellectually. You have to enjoy the process of working because the results are not going to always be obvious and especially once you leave the school environment, there is not always going to be an external force pushing you to do it. If you have a job teaching or outside of music, will you still practice for the enjoyment of it? I believe that this is when people really find out what kind of musician they are going to be for their life. If you want to perform, you have to stay ready to to jump into any situation at anytime. 
Also, don’t live and die with each performance. One bad outing doesn’t diminish what you have done and one great one doesn’t mean you are done. There is always another opportunity around the corner if you keep working.