Email: Elizabethrosinbum@gmail.com

Degree(s): MM Saxophone Performance, Arizona State University, 2012
Began at Boston University, transferred to UMass Amherst
BM Saxophone Performance, UMass Amherst, 2010

Current Employment/Employer(s): D'Addario & Company (clinician), Leander Independent School District (lead saxophone instructor)

Former Employment/Employer(s): Austin Independent School District (private instructor), Tempe Preparatory Academy (wind ensemble director), Arts Academy at Scottsdale (K-4 music teacher)

Current and/or Former Creative Projects: co-founder of Saxophone Academy Austin; member of Austin Saxophone Ensemble; performed in Austin Symphonic Band (including as a featured soloist); Universite Europeene de Saxophone Institute (summers of 2009, 10, 11)

Advice for Current Students: Seek as many opportunities as you can: don't wait for them to come to you! I have applied for jobs in the music field which I had to reach for (i.e. a performance major working in elementary music education!), and I'm so grateful I did. I have also learned how to market and promote myself as a serious musician and expert teacher because I didn't wait for students to come to me. Lastly, practice as much as possible. As you get older, it gets harder and harder to find the time.