Degree(s): BM Music Education, Boston University, 2005

Current Employment/Employer(s): Anglo-American School of Moscow (Russia), Band Director, (2016-2018)

Former Employment/Employer(s):
• Glenwood Springs (Colorado) Middle and High School band director (2005-2007)
• New Bedford (Massachusetts) public schools - Marching band assistant, after-school elementary choral accompanist, after-school parade band music instructor (2007-2008, part-time)
• Graduate assistant/Master of Music studies in conducting, University of Connecticut (2008-2009)
• Wellsville (New York) Middle and High School band director (2009-2011)
• Elementary general music teacher/elementary theater director, American International School of Bucharest (Romania) (2011-2014)
• Private lesson studio instructor (full-time) (2014-2015)
• Technical theater teacher, Anglo-American School of Moscow (Russia) (2015-2016)

Current and/or Former Creative Projects/Performance Opportunities:
• Marching band arranging - I did this from 2003 - 2008 on and off and later for my band in New York. I also wrote some percussion ensemble arrangements.
• I compose currently and self-published and premiered a concert band piece last year
• I played drums in a rock cover band for 3 years in Romania
• I played saxophone on and off in a jazz quartet in Romania for 4 years
• Currently, I spend a vast amount of my time doing theatrical light and sound design - my courses support and work with high school theater performance-based classes and I do light and audio design for them with my students

Advice for Current Students: Pay attention to EVERYTHING. Everyone says, "Well, you never know when you might need to know (x)...", and undergraduates who just want to be performers or just be band directors kind of roll their eyes and nod. But really, learn everything you can from every professional at the university while you're there. Because, most often in your life after university, you will be the most trained/gifted/skilled musician not just in most rooms that you're in, but maybe in the entire COUNTY you're in, and people will look to you to be a professional musician and artist - not "just a band director" or "just a saxophonist". Expand your notion of what success can look like, and meet as many people as you can who do things differently than you. Because if you're going to live any kind of interesting life or ever take a risk, you never know where it might lead.

Anything else you want to add regarding your current life? I never in a million years would have predicted that I'd be a theater tech teacher in RUSSIA of all places. I thought I'd be a band director in the U.S. with a house with a picket fence, coming home every night a la Mr. Holland's Opus, toiling away in obscurity but with the secret knowledge/hope that I would be having a positive effect on my given town through music. But where I am is good, and interesting, and I know a lot of stuff now that I never dreamed I'd be an expert in, and that is COOL. Carrie, this was fun! Hope to hear from you in the future. ☺ All the best.