Degree(s): BM Saxophone Performance/Music Education, The Hartt School 2014

Current Employment/Employer(s): Waterbury Public Schools – Jonathan E Reed School

Current and/or Former Creative Projects/Performance Opportunities: West End Blend: 10-piece funk/soul/R&B – Baritone Saxophone

Advice for Current Students: There is ALWAYS time. There will absolutely be moments where you are in doubt that there is not enough time to accomplish something or try something new – don't give into those feelings. Do what makes YOU happy and don't let anyone make you think that you can't do something if it doesn't coincide with your schedule. These years are for you to try anything and everything and be sure to take the risks you never thought you'd take. (And please. . . make sure to go to Paranov!)

Anything else you want to add regarding your current life? So far, I have accomplished everything that I set out to do before attending Hartt. I am a full-time teacher and also teach privately, and I am performing regularly in a professional group. I also have been expanding my knowledge of fitness and have begun my journey as a lifestyle wellness coach. My goal for each day is to be the best I can be!