Degree(s): MM Saxophone Performance, The Hartt School, 2011
BS Music Education, Penn State University, 2009

Current Employment/Employer(s): Private lesson teacher at home studio; freelance performer in Greater Hartford area (mostly musical theater); and mom!

Former Employment/Employer(s): Middle school band/general music teacher, New London Public Schools (2012-13); middle school general music teacher, East Lyme Public Schools (2011-12)

Current and/or Former Creative Projects: I'm currently organizing a studio recital for my private students.
Advice to Current Students:
1. Go to live concerts (not just at Hartt, but in the area.)
2. You will never have more time to practice than you do now. (True for undergrads and grads alike.) People told me this while I was a student and I didn't believe it! But it is absolutely true.
3. As a doubler, I wish I would have taken more opportunity to talk with/play with/study with flute or clarinet players. Even just getting together to play duets a few times would be helpful. There are so many resources available to you at college that are more difficult to find when you leave.