Degree(s): BM Music Education, The Hartt School, 2009

Current Employment/Employer(s): Instrumental Music Teacher at Danbury Public Schools, Private Lessons Teacher

Current and/or Former Creative Projects/Performance Opportunities: Alto saxophonist, Plainville Wind Ensemble

Advice for Current Students: In the saxophone studio you are not treated any differently because of what your major is so it is critical to learn to balance the time between practicing and doing the work for your other classes. Yes, at the time I did not enjoy waking up really early and playing my scales for technique class on Wednesday on top of a heavy course load but after all this time that I've graduated I can still play all of my major and minor scales, thirds, and even some of my major fourths. So yes, it is worth it. Go to concerts while you still can (and don't have to pay for them) and learn as much as you can from your classes. The quality of the teacher you will be depends on your standards for yourself and your students and that starts NOW. If you're an education major observe teachers as much as you can. During my time there I was fortunate to have the opportunity to observe Glen Adsit teach high school multiple times. He's really good at that and kids love him. He may still teach GHYWE on Sundays. Find some sort of a balance between working hard and having at least a little bit of a life. The four years (or possibly more) feel incredibly short. Keep in touch with people you know after your time at Hartt and make attempts to go see them once in a while.
Anything else you want to add regarding your current life?

I just came back from a vacation to Japan. It was my first time overseas. It was probably the best experience of my life. It's amazing how their cities are so populated yet still so peaceful and quiet. The Japanese people are generally very polite, humble, and welcoming and I definitely recommend visiting. I'm looking into the possibility of teaching English (maybe Chinese and instrumental music as well) there for a year. On another note, I think it's pretty awesome how I went to the Coast Guard Band concerts on a semi-regular basis and studied with some of the saxophonists in it when I was in high school and Joe D'Aleo is now a saxophonist among them. Well done!