Degree(s): BM Saxophone Performance, University of Arizona, 2009
MM Saxophone Performance, The Hartt School, 2011
GPD Saxophone Performance, The Hartt School, 2012

Current Employment/Employer(s): Adjunct faculty at the College of Southern Nevada: History of Rock, Music Appreciation; Woodwind Instructor/Admin at Nevada Music Academy

Former Employment/Employer(s): Middlesex Music Academy- saxophone and clarinet instructor; Music and Arts- saxophone and clarinet instructor

Current and/or Former Creative Projects/Performance Opportunities:

*Beautiful Mess- Album of saxophone/voice/electronic works, 9 commissions- released October 2014

*Just For Fun Ensemble- formed, arranged, and coached an adult chamber group from within 2012-2015 (still exists, now coached by Colette Hall)

*Working on creating the music (writing and recording) for the dramatic reading release of the book "Filtered" by G.K. Lamb- current

*Duo collaboration with Colette Hall: we did a score call which resulted in 60+ submissions, sent recordings to all the composers who didn't currently have recordings of their pieces (about 40) and played the selected winners in concert, including a premiere by a new work by David Macbride - 2015

*Music a la carte- 4 composers from Hartt wrote music to be paired with a 4-course meal at the Pondhouse Cafe, Hartt students performed the music along with the meal- Spring 2010
Advice for Current Students: Practice always and whenever there is a spare second in your day. Also go to concerts, lots of them. It is just as important as being in the practice room. Do things outside of school; there is no reason you shouldn't be trying to play concerts. Especially around the time of your recital, get a church to let you play a free will concert of your program rep if you have a pianist who is willing to do it, or get enough quartet rep ready to take that out to the public. Get used to marketing yourself and scrounging for concerts now.